Our Platform program invests in technology facilities, research platforms and research infrastructure to underpin new discoveries, as well as the prototyping, translation and commercialisation activity required to bring discoveries towards commercialisation.

Platform investments uplift or create new Victorian capability in identified key sectors or ones that play to existing strengths in the state. They support the growth of innovations with commercial potential and test, develop and improve technologies that can transform companies and develop emerging industries.

Platforms create a deal flow for us and the investor community.

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Who: Universities, research institutions and companies.

What: Bring together partners to invest in platforms to create a path for innovations that unlock their commercial potential.

Typical investment value: $10-20 million


Fund investment

Who: Global and domestic venture capital impact funds

What: Partner with impact investment funds to bring Breakthrough Victoria capital alongside other institutional and retail investors

Typical investment value: $25-30 million value


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